Modern technology with ancient skills

Our ancestors were exceptionally in tune with their environment, in order to interpret animal tracks and sign for food and danger. To the point where even fluctuations in temperature, air pressure etc would have registered an increase or decrease in activity.

On our tracking courses we try to get people back to this heightened sense of awareness BEFORE we even begin to interpret physical spoor.

However, once everyone is in the zone we use modern technology to allow the students to review their ancient techniques, so we set a track trap, align a motion camera… interpret sign that is left, and then review the evidence on camera… simple and brilliant it allows the students to see for themselves. Here the students noticed in the correct order grooming, feeding, digging and scent marking, followed by a mass of disturbance with sand transference in a circle, subsequently overlaid with deer tracks… I’d say that was pretty accurate… watch for the whole story including some amazing leaping by the hare and a beautiful Muntjac and her fawn.

Note the V shaped black markings on her head and the open scent glands on the youngster just below the eyes at around 6 minutes.

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