Tracking Course

If you have attended one of our weekend courses you will likely have been introduced, albeit very briefly, into the world of tracking.  If it captured you imagination, then why not immerse yourself into the subject by joining us on our tracking weekend dedicated to tracking and watching our amazing wildlife.

In the last few weeks we have run two weekend tracking courses, one in our Leicestershire woodlands for this year’s intake of our Woodland Wayer course and another one in Oxfordshire last weekend. On both weekends we found a fantastic varied mixture of sign including tracks, feeding sign, scat, hair etc. from a good selection of UK mammal species including; badger, fox, stoat, grey squirrel, wood mouse, bank vole, muntjac deer, roe deer, fallow deer, and mole. In addition there was also plenty of avian sign including feathers, eggs, and feeding sign.

Here’s a small selection of some of the sign seen over the two weekends.








This weekend the group got to see both muntjac and roe deer as well as hare, wood mouse and several bat species on their sit spots, but the highlight was on the Saturday night, when the whole group were privileged to watch not one but two barn owls quartering the field and hunting……….an amazing site.

The course covers all aspects of tracking including different types of sign, awareness techniques, foot morphology, track identification, track traps, trailing, gait patterns, action indicators, bird behaviour and calls, reading the landscape, recording and documenting tracks.



We also set up trail cameras to record the wildlife. Below are some videos taken on one of the trail cameras set up on the course.  Thanks to Sam Prior for these.

Be warned if you do attend this course, tracking is extremely addictive…………who knows where it might take you? Quite possibly Croatia or South Africa!!

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