Plantain hand cream.

The following recipe and method was inspired by the book Hedgerow medicine by J. B. Seal (ISBN: 1873674996, 9781873674994) which is something of a bible for using commonly available plants to make your own herbal remedies and medicines.

For a couple of years now our instructors have benefited from the use of either an ointment or hand cream of Plantain (depending how much bees wax is added) after being stung, bitten, burnt, cut, grazed and chapped! It’s a hazardous occupation…

Anyone who is familiar with this common wayside plant will know the staggering amount of uses to which it has and still can be put to. The following recipe is one of a number of preparations that you have a chance to make on our Hedgerow Medicine and Medicinal Wild Plants Course.

Here is a basic method to get you up and running with your own supply of medicinal hand cream.


Gather and wash Plantain leaves.


 Rough chop leaves.


Use half of leaves to make a strong Plantain tea by bringing to the boil and simmering for a few minutes.


Simultaneously steep the remaining leaves in hot (not boiling) oil – any food grade oil will work.


Whilst leaves are being heated grate a block of bees wax.


Grated bees wax ready for melting.


Strain oil off leaves into a bowl.


Strain the Plantain tea into the hot oil.


Whisk the mixture quickly as the tea is poured into the oil so the two liquids do not separate.


Tip the grated bees wax into the mixture whilst it is hot and whisk until melted.


Continue whisking keeping all the ingredients moving until the mixture cools and begins to set.


Pour finished hand cream into air tight containers.

We have many accounts of the effectiveness of this wonder medicine. You have to use it to believe the pain killing and soothing properties it has. Please share how you get on making your own woodland medicines and any war stories you have in using them on our Woodland Ways Facebook group.

Adam Logan.



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