Hedgerow Treatments for Hayfever

As spring steam rollers on, and the wildlife and plants burst out from nowhere,   there is definitely a sense that summer is finally on its way. For most of us this is something to look forward to however for the unlucky ones that are hayfever sufferers the thought of summer means an inability to breath, sore  itchy eyes and  sneezing every four seconds.  However there are some home remedies that can help with the symptoms and if not get rid of them make them at least bearable, leaving you free to drink as much Pimms and eat as many burnt sausages as you like.One of the most affective plants to use is Elder Sambucas nigra   It has anti-catarrhal and and  anti-inflammatory properties and used combined with other plants it effectively rids the sufferer of most of them if not all . To make an effective simple tea infuse 30g of the dried elderflower heads or 75g of the fresh heads in 500ml of hot Water for ten minuets this should give enough tea for three doses throughout the day which is generally the maximum amount of  tea an adult should drink per day. Once the tea has been infused pour through a tea strainer into a cup and drink just like that -easy and effective. NOTE:  The water should be just off the boil  as this will disperse valuable oils in the steam and may draw out different chemicals which may be harmful or change the nature of the the useful ones meaning you will not not get the full and effective dose.


Some other useful herbs to combine with with elderflower are;


Ground Ivy Glechoma hederacea  which is anti-catarrhal also and is useful against drying secretions and inflammations which will help with sore weeping eyes

Ground Ivy

Yarrow Achilliea millefolium  is also another plant which can be combined with elderflower to combat mucus and catarrh problems with the nose and throat .


Ribwort plantain Plantago lanceolata. Very affective against over active mucus cells and reducing and healing inflammations

ribwort plantain - Copy

Some Other useful herbs that can be added to a hay-fever infusion such as mint,peppermint, spearmint, thyme, boneset, garlic, silverweed, agrimony and bistort.

Whichever herbs above you decide to use in the in fusion make sure you use the other herbs with Elder in 3 parts to 1 and do not exceed the 30g of dried herb to 500ml of water. It has been proven that drinking this tea all year round can strengthen the upper respiratory system and prevent hay-fever in the future.

If you are interested in herbal medicine why not join us on our Hedgerow Medicine and Medicinal Wild Plants course.

Joe Philbin

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