Amazing what you spot when you are filling up a jerry can

24th February 2013

This blog was meant to post on Friday but somehow it didn’t go out so we’ll try again.

Spotted this one on the graveyard wall when filling up the jerry cans for this weekend’s course and this is typically where you will find it;- on walls, rocks, shingle and pavements. It is Ivy-leaved Toadflax Cymbalaria muralis.


Ivy-leaved Toadflax Cymbalaria muralis

Curiously I have also spotted it on the walls of the kennels where we fill up the water for our Derbyshire courses!

The succulent leaves are quite pleasant raw and it can be found throughout the winter. In spring and summer it will produce pale violet flowers. According to the Forager handbook, the head chef at the famous London restaurant The Ivy use the leaves as a garnish on some of their signature dishes.

Kev Palmer


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