Woodland Ways Instructors Spread Out Across Country

Woodland Ways - Bushcraft and Survival Courses in the UK

This week sees the woodland ways instructors spread out accross the country. Today (Monday 16th) see’s Kevan working over at the school again for there weekly bushcraft day, with Jason back in the world of bushcraft centre offering advice. Tuesday see’s both the director and senior instructor heading over to do a evening speakers session at Allenburies Adventure Travel Series- living with the massai and from toddington to nearly timbuktu!

Following this its then over to a big estate to look at some potential land for foraging before Jason then packs up to head up to the Edingburh Outdoors Show where he is presenting on the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine stage. In the meantime Kev heads off over to Oxfordshire to do the Woodland Crafts Course whilst Martyn leads on the Bushcraft Fundamentals Course on Saturday. Joanne will be looking after the world of bushcraft centre at Bedford Priory Marina, with the new website launching this week!

Following this Jason then packs up again

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