So What Have we Been up to?

Well we have been keeping ourselves very busy as usual, with plenty for the team to do. Read on to find out more.

Maasai school

The Massai entertaining a local school

The Maasai are with us again. We have been helping them tour the UK raising funds & awareness for the village back in Kenya. Rob Brook has been doing a fantastic job driving them to packed booking after booking and showing them the sites over the last few weeks.

9th-11th July. We hosted three days of bushcraft for over 160 children in our Oxfordshire woodland for the fourth year running. It is great to see children learning the bushcraft skills with the guidance of our highly skilled instructors.

11th-12th  July. Matt was out instructing on a private stag do in our Oxford woods, after which he joined Adam who was delivering Wild Flower and Plant Identification and Anatomy Course & Danny instructs on a Bushcraft Fundamentals Course.


Ian hard at work in Lanzarote

12th-16th July. Jason, Kev, Danny & Ian all headed out to Lanzarote for filming with Fox US for a motion picture. While all that was going on Danny ran a Bushcraft fundamentals course in our Bedfordshire wood, Adam Instructed on the Wild Flower and Plant Identification and Anatomy in Oxfordshire, shortly after,  Jay was  looking after a TV film crew as they stayed overnight in our Oxford woods for an exciting new TV project. Joe Instructed on the Wednesday Game Preparation workshop. Jay then continued his bushcraft instruction at a prestigious private school in Berkshire for international students.

17th-19th July. Into the weekend and Adam, Ed & Stephen instructed the 1st year Woodland Wayers untangling the mystery of cordage & bark work. Jay continued to deliver bushcraft skills to his international students as Kev took the second year Woodland Wayers through the Medicinal Plant Weekend of their two year course.


The Medicinal Plant Weekend, bottling in process

20th-24th July. Jay delivered more bushcraft skills to his international students, Adam instructed on the Birch Bark Gift Presentation Container Workshop at The World of Bushcraft in Bedford, Kev & Danny had a private school booking. Then the team receive the theory part of their canoe training to add to their CPD with Canoe Trail, before they get their paddles wet & more besides in the weeks to come.

25th-26th July. Ian & Bob were out in our Oxford woods looking after a stag do, Danny delivered a birthday party also in Oxford as Jay delivered the bushcraft first aid session for his international students in Berkshire.

Well this brings us up to date, but what have we got in store, read on & find out below.


So What Have We Got Coming UP?

27th-30th July. Well we have plenty to keep us busy. Adam is out & about in Edale instructing on the two day Woodland Ways Walks – Int. Map reading and Navigation Course. Joe delivers the Wednesday Friction Fire Lighting Bow Drill Workshop As Jay delivers the same skill to his international students.

31st-2nd August. Our next weekend sees Adam & Ian delivering the Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend in the Belvoir estate, while Danny & Saxon deliver the more advanced Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend II, in Oxfordshire. We still have spaces available if you are quick & join the others on this amazing brand new course. Jay will be delivering foraging to his international students.


3rd-12th August. Ian & Saxon will be in our Bedfordshire woods delivering a Family Survival Course. We still have places available on this course, take advantage of our special offer & if you come as a four we will give you £50 off the total cost. Jason will be doing filming work & Jay will be delivering his spoon carving workshop followed by Shelter building & Navigation at a private school in Berkshire.

We then host four back to back Family Survival Courses. Firstly Jason Ian & Davie McCrae head to our Leicestershire woodland & then Jason hands the reins to Adam as he joins the guys for the following Family Survival Course. Danny & Saxon deliver the other Family Survival Courses, joined on the second one by Nathan Beard. The Guys then both deliver a Half Days Gentle Forage – Wild Food Foraging Course in their respective locations.

Adam, Danny & Saxon instruct on a Teenagers Fundamental Bushcraft Course in our lovely 250 acre woodland in Oxfordshire, which brings us to the end of our update. Thank you for taking the time to see what we are busy doing.

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