Once again Woodland Ways in the National Press

Once again the woodland ways bushcraft courses hit the national press as our woodland ways weekend is reviewed by an intrepid reporter from the Daily Mail. The weekend is reviewed honestly and in full and we are pleased that they enjoyed their experience. Over the past 6 months the woodland ways courses have appeared in over 20 national media arena’s really highlighting that if you book a course with us you really are with one of the true market leaders in course provision, and we don’t take that statement lightly.

There are some exceptional instructing teams out their in the UK, and unfortunately there are some appalling ones. There are new companies, and well established companies, how do you choose? We set our standards to the highest possible, and as a result you see our courses are fully booked most of the year, there is a reason for this. No one company can be the best, but we certainly strive to be right up their! We do not devalue our instructors experience by paying them less or asking them to volunteer, offering discounts simply means our instructors would not be able to have a salary and put food on their plate.. quite simply we cannot. Our courses book up well in advance because they are amazing… fact. Have you noticed how many “leading” and “foremost” bushcraft companies there are out there! It gets to the stage where there are more industry leading companies than just companies it is almost embarrassing, it is easy to say it but less easy to prove it.

We prove it, all you need to do is take a look at our schedule and you will see how busy our guys are. But don’t just take our word for it, see the review here for survival weekend in Oxfordshire with Woodland Ways.

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