Bear’s Nectar

The Elder is still in full flower and certainly in this part of the country they’ve had a few days of sunshine on them. So this is the perfect time to have a go at this recipe for an Elderflower Meade,  devised from our very own hedgerow hooch guru……Matt Adams, fondly known as Matty Bear!

Elder in full bloom
Elder in full bloom

To make 3 gallons



  • 250g of elderflowers
  • 4 lemons
  • 1 lime
  • 2.5 kg honey (I used clear)
  • White sugar 1kg
  • Water
  • Wine yeast (due to steeping wild yeast will be killed off but also the bugs)
  • Stabiliser (optional)


Equipment (All to be sterilised)

  • 2 large gallon pans
  • Brewing spoon,
  • Brewing bucket with air lock
  • Hydrometer (optional)
  • Heat band/tank heater (optional)
  • Sieve
  • Wine filters (optional)


  1. Heat 2 x 3ltrs of water in 2 separate large 1 gallon pans
  2. Bag Elderflowers up in Muslin bag/net add to hot water, squeeze in and add lemons and lime to the same pan, steep for 45 mins
  3. In the 2nd Pan, dissolve sugar and honey in the hot water.em
  4. Remove and squeeze lightly the elderflower bag in to the pan and discard, same with the fruit, add liquor to brewing bucket passing through sieve
  5. Add Honey/Sugar liquor in to the brewing bucket + Stir
  6. Add cold water up to 3 gallon mark,
  7. Rest to reduce temp
  8. Measure the weight of the wort using Hydrometer (optional, keep figure safe)
  9. Place in warm place/add heating equipment. Ensure air lock is correctly installed.
  10. Add yeastem1
  11. Wait for CO2 emissions to reduce/stop (airlock bubbling away), add stabiliser (stops yeast culture, reduces risk of explosions)
  12. Measure the new weight of the wort (specific gravity, you can now work out the alcohol content) (optional)
  13. Rack off in to demi johns (optional, can transfer straight in to bottles)
  14. Leave few months.
  15. Use fine filters and bottle in to clean receptacles (optional if transferred in to Demi johns)
  16. Leave to rest cool place,

Chill before drinking, Enjoy

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