Looking for European Partners

We are looking for some very special European based Bushcraft/Nature course providers to work in partnership with Woodland Ways from 2022.

We are looking to expand our shorter duration (3- 5 days) courses to countries within Europe, working with established and skilled individuals within your country. These courses will be a true partnership approach to course delivery, using your local knowledge, skills, and access in combination with our incredibly respected and sought after instructors to bring our substantial client base to your door. You will have the opportunity to work with some very inspiring individuals and bring an international element to your teaching.

We are looking for different environments to work within alongside our new partners, from Mountain to Forest to Coast. In return you will get a true joint venture, with joint marketing, enhancement of your profile(s) and the respect and courtesy you deserve.

Woodland Ways is a firmly established market leader in England and Scotland for delivering high quality bushcraft instruction. This is not just a statement for the internet, but can be evidenced through the provision of a huge range of courses to many thousands of adults annually. We deliver to both the general adult population, and for professional instructors developing their own skills. This is not a hobby, this is our job, our passion our life. We do not teach theoretical knowledge, but these skills are applied and tested in real world wilderness travel.

Our expeditions across the globe are incredibly well known and respected as life enriching and life changing for our clients. Our testimonials both on our website and across the internet speak for themselves. We have both full-time salaried and part-time staff, including instructors supported by a back office administration and marketing team. We want some very special people to partner with.

You can see from our website the range of courses we deliver from 1 day through to 2 year courses, and we are looking for incredibly skilled individuals and established companies to work with throughout Europe in order to open up opportunities for our students to study skills within a European context. We already operate expeditions to some very remote places across the planet, from the African plains to the boreal zone, but are looking to expand our provision for shorter based European courses that are country specific. We believe we can offer you a unique opportunity to teach to a mainly UK based English speaking clientele alongside our instructors, in return you will benefit from working in partnership alongside our internationally recognised and respected UK instructors with opportunities for you to visit and learn in the UK also, included within the arrangement.

Each partnership will be unique but we are asking you to be:

  • Highly skilled in your particular geographical location or area of expertise
  • Professional
  • English speaking or have access to a translator (wage paid)

Length of time delivering courses is not important to us, but your skill set is. If you are an established course provider this is fantastic, however, we recognise that sometimes the most talented of individuals may not have the access to, or opportunity, to sell their services, so if you have a high skill set but have not managed to sell courses we will work with you.

To express a no obligation interest in this opportunity please initially send us a few paragraphs about yourself/your business, along with a google earth link of your location, and any specific items of interest that you think may be important. If you have examples of your work then please include these also.

Please send this information to info@woodland-ways.co.uk and we will then contact you to discuss in more detail once shortlisting has been completed.

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