Cleaning your Cast Iron Cookware (3 of 3)

petromaxKeeping it all ship shape

In this series of blogs we have looked at how we can transform our cast iron cookware from something that looks fit only for the scrapyard into something we could happily cook on, to seasoning it and the benefits of doing so. In this third and final blog we will be looking at best practices in order to keep it looking in tiptop condition.

Like any washing up it is always easier to clean it immediately after serving. This is not always practical to do so. When it comes time to clean your cast iron cookware we must never use soap or detergent. This will embed itself into the surface of the metal and as a consequence the next few meals will taste of detergent. in stead we just use hot water.

IMG_9788No detergent

Firstly scrape the worst of the remaining food from the cookware, a wooden spatula is ideal for this. Avoid using a metal scourer as this will remove the seasoning we have taken the time to add.

IMG_9790Wooden spatula makes for perfect scraper

Once the worst is off add some hot water and allow to soak over a low heat until it has loosened. Once this has been achieved you can continue to scrape the remainder off again. For stubborn food remains use a sponge scourer with a little hot water as you would for your non stick pans at home.

1444A soak to loosen the worst off

Once you re satisfied you have removed all the food from the cookware you can dry it gently by the heat. You need to ensure all traces of moisture are removed to prevent rust forming between use. Once completely dry you can oil the ironware with vegetable oil ready for next time. Use a dedicated sponge for this to prevent cross contamination with one used for cleaning with detergent.

IMG_9789 Dedicated oil sponge

And there you have it. keep on top of the maintenance and it becomes a simple and easy task every time.  Weather you cook on the campfire or at home, or ideally both , go and enjoy cooking on your cast ironware.


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